Welcome to the Wheathamptead Magazine Website

We love our printed magazine - we love the way it looks and feels and we love all the local people that we connect with in the area as well as the great feedback we get from our readers and advertisers – and that’s not going to change.

The Internet already plays a big part in local life and now our website aims to offer an additional broader service to complement the printed Wheathampstead MIniMagazine and extend our reach for both content and geographical coverage. When it comes to magazine content such as news and What’s On, it is often a time thing – a printed magazine takes time to typeset, print, trim, stitch and deliver, so there has to be a cut off date whereas making additions to our website is less time sensitive. News, What’s On  and  any general  updates can be prepared and published very quickly, which means that provided we have the information, the website can be very current and also a cut off date simply isn’t necessary.